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To Chilli and her son: STEP OUT OF THE 90's!!!

Well looka here... check out Chilli and her son, Tron dancing at DJ Unk’s video shoot for “Show Out.” Her son Trons wack azz braids and bandanna is so 1990's and we all know Chilli and her baby hair/curly perm is so outdated...but she refuses to change after 15+ years. I hope one day she wakes up and changes, or maybe someone should buy her a time machine. I heard that TLC was getting back together and they were going to add Lil Kim to replace Left Eye.... I hope that isn't true.


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    lil kim as left eye? uufff whos great idea was that?

  2. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Not with lil kim being Left Eye....not at all. Hell Naw!!!

  3. Anonymous8:06 PM

    they or two diffrent people lil kim is a lil hoe and left eye was a loving person, and she was hood acting.

  4. Anonymous5:41 PM

    that's not true about replacing left eye,they got upset when they heard somebody said that.

  5. Anonymous1:15 AM

    do anybody know how tall chilli is?

  6. Ya mamma7:46 PM

    man I hate this bitch who wrote this stuff! She is always hating on people... Why don't we see a picture of you? maybe you have short ass worn out braids... BITCH GIT REAL!!!


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