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Rick Ross gets paid PENNIES!!!

Before we get started...cops like coffee.

I heard that Rick Ross was performing at a club called 112 down in Miami Gardens this past weekend (9/21) and he got boo'd off the stage. They said people were throwing chairs, badges, and handcuffs on the stage and he ran off in the middle of his act. Oh Well...I guess he can kiss that career goodbye.

I called the club and acted like a promoter for ole Ricky boy and said I didn't get my money from promoting and asked if they could western union it to me. The fool fell right into the palm of my hand (Iwas actually trying to see how much ole ricky boy was paid for the event). The fool on the phone said it was a $10K budget for the show/security/rental car/hotel room/promoter/ole ricky boy/management/etc and everyone got paid. He even quoted me the amount of my so called check which was cashed already. They said it was $2300. After that, I hung up and giggled.

That means, ole ricky boy must have gotten paid somewhere close to 5K for the show..thats just my estimate.

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