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Jada Pinkett: "A lesbian is fantastic"!

So, Jada Pinkett Smith will be in a lesbian movie called 'The Women'. I don't know when its coming out so don't fuk'n ask me. Anyway, she opens up on how she feels about playing the role. She seems a little too comfortable talking about this lesbian stuff. Heres what she said:

"I play a lesbian, which is fantastic, and I got to be in love with Eva Mendes, which is even more fantastic. Will was like, 'Oh, I had her already. You can have my leftovers'. I love Eva. That's my girl. They took my favorite scene out. I thought I was going to get the opportunity to kiss Eva Mendes, but that didn't happen......I know a lot of lesbians. A lot of them! I got a ton of lesbians that are friends of mine. You know what? I think there’s a lesbian inside of me somewhere that I just pulled out [Laughs]. I just said, ‘Honey, let that lesbian shine on through!’ So that’s what I did.... We [the entire cast] had a good time together. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do The Women. It was a first time female director. She had been working on this project for 13 years and it's called The Women and its an all-female cast, and I was like, 'I have to do this'. It was just the statement alone.".....

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