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DMX goes through detox in JAIL and suffers a STROKE?!?

DMX stankin azz was admitted into a Miami hospital from jail on Monday 9/22 with “stroke-like” symptoms. Let me tell it, the fukka was suffering from withdrawl. Ya'll know my sources tell me when he isn't locked up, he loves to snort coke, drink profusely, shoot up, and risk his life in any way that he can. What a shame... DMX's lawyer said he is expected to make a full recovery (probably after one of his druggie friends sneak some coke into his hospital room)

DMX doesn't need a hospital for his stroke symptoms, he needs a good coke dealer to come by and give him a fix so that he can go back to being a full time functioning drug addict.

Yea, I said what!


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    wow he shoots up ? that is soo low.

  2. Anonymous12:23 AM

    dmx is just falling Lol

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    thats all he does is smoke... thats why he is a crackhead now.


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