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RUMOR ALERT!!! Remy Ma is flirting with this lesbian

Everybody know Remy Ma is locked up for 8 yrs for shooting someone over $3000 LOL.. I can't stop laughing about that - anyway.... MOVE OVER PAPOOSE - Remy Ma is supposedly flirting with this broad in jail already. They say shes on lock down but one of the guards who happens to be my cousins baby mama said she flirts with the girl pictured above through the door....yelling obsenities to each other and licking their tounges out at each other through the window. And - when they get their showers at 7pm, they yell at each other and moan.....

I don't know how true it is, but heres a pic of the girl that Remy is flirting with. WOW, Remy is gay already and she hasn't even reached the population, yet. Shame, Shame, Shame


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  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Bitch..stay the fuck out of jail...damn...I hate to see people in jail over dumb shit.Jail Is for like..child molesters and real murderers if you in jail over some petty ass crack rock or some bullshit like remy ma that could've been avoided you should be ashamed of yourselves.bitches in jail with they tounges out yelling all they bussiness across the halls looking real desprete.not cool.....


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