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PROOF!!!! Rick Ross is a FAKE and was a CO!!!

So..theres a rumor going around the net about Rick Ross living a fake azz lifestyle as a drug dealer..My stankin azz know for a fact that rapper Rick Ross served as a corrections officer briefly after going to school at Albany State University on a football scholarship. He was from the gutter-gutter of Carol County, FL and everyone out there knows he was a corrections officer back in 2001. In fact .....Ever think of how he knows the real Noriega and why he owes him 100 favors? Noriega was locked up in Dade county in 1990! Also, the nickname for a C/O in the prison system is "Boss". Ain't nothin photoshopped about this photo. This info has been around for a minute and even Pimp C found out about it before he passed and wasn't happy about it. Pimp C is the founder of the word/lifestyle "trill" and Rick Ross has tarnished it completely.
"everyday I'm cuffen em"
"everyday I'm cuffen em"
"everyday I'm cuffen em"
"everyday I'm cuffen em"
cuff em' real hard..cuff em- cuff em REAL HARD"
Anyway Rick Ross also took his name from a big time drug dealer by the name of Freeway Ricky Ross , a drug trafficker from Los Angeles. Click that link and find out more about that. Anyway to wrap it up and put it in a nutshell.... Trick Daddy put out the pic of William Roberts (Rick Ross) serving as a corrections officer because Trick Daddy hatin' azz is a hater who don't want nobody else in Fl to eat. Shyt... Trick Daddy should join my blog LOL




  1. This the WORST gossip website...yall fuckerz only post shit ONCE a damn week!!!
    Looks like im going pack to Perez and Mediatakeout...BYE!!!

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Photoshopped. What happened no recent posts. I was an avid reader. Why no new posts???

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

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