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Look at Usher and his bytch in public!!!!

Ladies, if you look close enough, you can see where Tamekas real hair stops and it is a #1B but she had the nerve to have #2 put in her hair. Also, look at under her arms, the event was on friday and she probably shaved last on wednesday night because u can see the pricklys coming back.... this bytch is disgusting!

Look at Usher and his bytch attend the launch party for his “uCast” podcast
series at Tiffany & Co in Atlanta Friday night. Tamekas hair looks like shes about 55 years old, and that clown collar on her shirt is not flattering I know that girdle and belt was cutting into her stretch marks on her stomach, and her knees are black as ever. Usher on the other hand looks very fruity, might I add. He probably lets Tameka strap it on and do him in the booty hole!!! This couple are still holding on for dear life... I bet Tameka thought she looked good but nah, try again boo boo!


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    She's somewhat pretty, but you can so tell she's wearing a wig! Ewwww! Wigs are for old people! At least she's married to an ugly ass dog-face! So not hot! I hope they get divorced!

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    wigs are for old people that the dumbest shit ive ever heard, beyonce wears wigs so does tyra banks and everyone else. Its called switching shit up everybdy dnt like dying their hair constanly or having glue in the heads.

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    y did da fool marry a dogg

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    And you wonder why he went for an older woman... it's called true love get used to it!

    I can't really see them breaking up anytime soon, Usher looks sooooooooo happy.



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