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Hey, Fantasia - You show' is UGLY

So... Fantasia got dumped and quitted by her management company called 19 Management. The public records say that they "parted ways" but ya'll know I'm always on the phone with anybody that will spill the dirt to give me the update on what really happened....

Rumor has it that they dumped her due to those different hair colors and all of the ventures Fantasia takes part in (cheap rental cars, walking around with no shoes on, dancing on tables etc.) and it wasn't good for her/their image. They tried to get her to be a little more reserved, but that wild child from the nile wouldn't listen. 19 Management had this to say:

“We have made the decision that we can longer continue a relationship with an artist who will
not follow our advice.”

In other Fantasia news, shes going to be playing the part of Celie in another remake of "The color Purple" which is scheduled to hit the big screen late next year.


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    ugly bitch

  2. Anonymous1:23 AM


  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Well I hope dissing her makes you feel

  4. JDL from Ace and Action7:36 AM

    I won't go out dissin' her, but call Ugly ... Ugly. the truth of the matter is, she is stone cold ugly and makin' herself look like Aunt Jemima isn't helping her situation any. She need to get some advice from Missy Elliot!


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