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Ciaras movie 'Mama I want to sing' going straight to DVD

Haaaaa, this movie was promised to be released during the spring of 2008 but now, it has come to celebhaterz knowledge that Ciaras hard work and no singing talent will not hit the big screen...she will be on a DVD so check it on the stands at your local Wal-Mart for $7.88 in early 2009 LMAO!!


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Haha thats what her manisha ass gets she dont got no damn talent

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    They have more talent than you, I don't c u up there!

    Finally, some pretty black celebs that don't look cheap!

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I read that they are trying to bring it out to theatres again this fall, but it's about to be fall,lol.
    Yo how come you aint said anything about her lying about posing nude for vibe? I love reading your comments about laying celebs,lol.

  4. Anonymous10:09 AM

    this movie going to dvd had nothing to do with ciara! even tho patty labelle and lynn winbush is in it the demand for it in theatre's was not great enough so quit tryna put this on ci! ya'll some stupid asses!


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