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Beyonce is a LIAR!!!!!

In this pic, Beyonce lookin like "Is my hair on point" Solange looks like "shut up and get over yourself

OK, so Beyonce is going around and telling people that she wrote and recorded the entire album 'B-Day' in a dark room in a matter of 2 weeks but we quickly found out that THAT was a lie. First of all, Ne-yo wrote 'Irreplacable' although Beyonce was going around telling folks that she wrote it. And now guess what has surfaced..... Solange wrote 'Get me Bodied' although Beyonce told folks that she wrote it. Wanna know how I know Solange wrote the song? Well, Solange recently won an "R&B and Hip-Hop Song" ASCAP award for the hit single "Get Me Bodied," that she co-wrote for Beyonce's B-Day. Why does Beyonce lie so much? Why won't she admit that she doesn't write her own songs? Is she starving for cool points that bad, thats a lying azz heffa!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    She always said she co-wrote the songs for the album. And, there's behind the scenes footage that show her working in the studio with Solange and others...pens and notepads in hand. Try visiting You Tube and paying closer attention.

  2. Anonymous4:35 AM

    @7:25 stfu beyonce is a liar she always get caught up in those lies! celebhaters dont miss shit

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    ^^Thank you. Yeah, with cameras around she will look real busy in the studio. I am not saying she isn't a song writer. I mean, I am almost positive she wrote "Freakum dress" and "Kitty Kat". But, let's be honest...Bey is always swagger jacking someone. She just took over Shakira's image and dance moves and calls it Sasha. I heard she did in fact tried to take full credit for "Irreplacable" and that is when the truth was revealed and she had no choice but to admit NeYo wrote the song.

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    ^^yep and i would be embarassed to say i wrote something and someone else who is around me all the time wrote it. I would see if Neyo wasnt a singer himself but hs is and you lying like that

  5. That bitch is a fucking liar!!

  6. Anonymous3:09 AM

    This byatch is illiterate as fukk, she aint write shit.

  7. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Even Neyo said she co worte Irreplaceable and if you look at the album booklet everyone got credit. So what's the problem.

  8. Anonymous2:27 PM

    dum ass bitch i really cant stand this girl.. she lies about everything even her false ass wigs. saying that thats her hair bitch you wish.

  9. Anonymous9:04 PM

    number 1 person beyonce NEVER SAID SHE CO-WROTE NOTHING SHE said she WROTE the whole album in two weeks why? becuase she trying to be like jay-z who wrote his album in a matter of days. she also stated that she wrote irreplaceable for us ladie "our anthem inpowerment" becasue i was a bey stan believed everything came out her mouth thought folks were hating even cussed people out of her until them people starting stating the facts. and she started confirming some of them on her own. thank you im no longer a beyonce fan. Monica brandy whose next QUEEN BRITNEY'S BACK.

  10. Anonymous7:43 PM

    real music is jasmine, keshia&monica song together and keshia songs are all good i heard that britney is a thorn in her back and britneys perfumes sales has reached the billion dollar mark watch her dive off into the perfume business real quick.she is remix a disc off i am sasha dropping on june 16 a song ego looks and sounnds like a ring on it.

  11. Truth be told12:13 PM

    BEYONCE STAYS LYING!!!!!!! She has lied about other things aside from writing songs, waith till the marriage that she had comes out as "well we are not technically married"

  12. Anonymous10:24 AM

    we are paying a lot of attention to this girl and she's making a lot of money because we alow her to do this she is a piece of SHITTT


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