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Look at Mashonda!! Swizz Beats done Fuk'd up!!!

WOWWWW, Mashonda is lookin' rather sexy now that she divorced Swizz Beats. I can't believe he left her for what I think is a lesbian - ALICIA KEYS!!! Word on the street is that Alicia Keys was on the red carpet, and someone in the crowd yelled out "homewrecker" and Alicia responded to the person "and a damn good one, too"
Oh well, everything that looks good probably ain't good for ya. Mashonda probably has a bad attitude or something.....I wonder why Swizz left this broad. If you don't know the updates on Swizz Beats divorce with Mashonda click here foolz


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM


  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    she looks nasty!

  3. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Look shout out to my gurl Alicia, Mashonda shuda seen it cuming Alicia is a lot prettier than her (no homo) anyway!!!! No offense, Mashonda but she did what she did. And to Mashonda good luck without Swizz

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    alicia is gay and mashonda is beautiful. alicia is pretty but she is not an upgrade in the looks, sorry. he is wrong for the pain that he has caused that woman; she just had their 2nd baby! God don't like ugly and swiss and alicia's relationship will not last because its foundations were built on dishonesty. what goes around comes around, alicia.

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    only the second child is swizz, and sometimes people just fall out of love.m had taken him back to court months ago to get more money. he was giving her five thousand a month and paying all of her bills and she wanted more and in court since both kids was not his they cut her down to thirty five hundres a month. she should have rode that horse further.

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

    marshonda is a pretty girl , and if you don't live in a home with people then it's hard to judge what went down i wish her the best,,,

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    marshonda look for you one of them money men and live happily ever after its not the end of the world,, and you are very pretty and just take your time get your ducks all lined up in a row and go after what it is you want!!!!

  8. Anonymous11:21 PM

    its funny that alicia can sing a song called karma and bout heart break but not take it into not perfect but she better believe if swizz can do it to mashonda then what makes her think he wont do it to her???????? karma is a bitch!!!!!!! either he is gonna leave her or she will leave wont last mashonda just trust in god!!!!!

  9. Anonymous11:23 PM

    and f.y.i looks isnt everything its the person........but this situation is so sad i can feel mashondas pain.......maybe swizz is a good father but i think he should have went about this a diffrent way....

  10. Anonymous7:51 PM

    How about blaming the stupid man that was responsible for her heart! Alicia has fans out there, and yep she is talented as much as you hate her. Get over it cos it makes you look ugly.


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