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Lil Wayne does an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine!!!!

Lil Wayne sat his drugged up, ugly azz down with Rolling Stone magazine and did an interview. I guess you guys want to read a lil bit of it, huh?

Rolling Stone: “Lollipop” sounds so different from anything else you’ve ever done. How did it come together?
Lil Wayne: My homeboy Static, the guy who’s on the song with me, it was all his idea. He brought the song to me with his vocals already on there, the beat was already done and I just laid my vocals to it. The decision to make it the single was evident right after I finished recording it. Everybody in the studio knew this was the one. We had some females in there and they were going crazy.
Rolling Stone: Your last album didn’t really have any breakout singles — were you trying to change that with this album?
Lil Wayne: I think you want to do that with every album. You want every record to be bigger than the last. That Tha Carter II didn’t do what I wanted it to do was a disappointment because I put my all into it, just like I did with this one, but I ain’t gonna dwell on it. I’m very successful and very happy.
take yo azz to Rolling Stones site to read the rest, Im tired of typing!


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

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  2. Anonymous12:33 AM

    At the end it was like im tired of typein....learn to copy and past retard?!?


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