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Janet and Jermaine Dupri having kids?

“Yeah, soon,” Dupri told People Sunday at West Hollywood’s STK restaurant. “Right after the tour.” Jermaine even said that he doesn’t even care if it’s a boy or a girl.
“It really doesn’t matter, Janet would be a great mom. She was around so many brothers and sisters all her life, so she’s got to know what that is [like]. And her mom is a great mother.”

According to Dupri, Jackson is also a great companion. “The greatest thing in life is just to have a friend,” he said. “When I have problems in life, I share them with her. When she has a problem, she comes to me.”

Allz I can say is awwwww - I hope Janet still has some good eggs floating around in that over-surgeryed stomach of hers because I like them as a couple on my good days. I really want that to be a reality for them. Lets wish them the best:)

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