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USHER files separation from TAMEKA!! Divorce next?

Now, I cant make this shyt up.... my reliable sources told me that Usher filed for separation from Tameka 3 weeks ago. I hope a divorce is next! Apparently, their marriage is on the rocks and they argue constantly according to my source, and my source also told me that the baby MAY NOT be Ushers (but thats just speculation on her part). My trusty source also told me that Ushers relationship with his mother is causing strain on the marriage and Tameka wishes he would not have so much communication with her - daym!
Just this past sunday, Tameka was on set at MTV studios with Usher for his snippets tapings. Shes always around looking ugly and smug with those dark circles around her eyes. My source said she was there without his permission and Usher didn't want to make a scene and put her out because he doesn't want to make a scene or let the public know of the separation. other words, she was at MTV studios STALKING HIM!!! I used to like her, but now I don't give a daym about her anymore!
For the record, they have been married for only 9 months - and Usher just released a new video for his 2nd single "Moving Mountains" so this could be a publicity stunt - but I trust my source.
Ya'll know I either post some hatin azz shyt - or I post the FACTS!!! I don't waste my valuable time posting lies. I SURE HOPE THIS IS TRUE!!!!


  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    If it's a fact, why do you hope it's true?

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    She is a mother. How would she feel if one day one of her sons had some ol broad stopping him from communicating with her? This bytch is beyond crazy.

  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Well from interviews i have heard and read Usher denies the seperation rumors and screams of how much he loves his ugly ass wife. So much luck to them both. I love and will always love me some Usher but we all think she is madd ugly and it has nothing to do with her being a black woman. Hell I am a black woman and there are plenty of good looking black women out there Tameka just dont happen to be one of them.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    i feel like usher married her to tell the black men in the hip hop world its okay too have a pretty brown chocolate gurl. that's good im proud

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    maybe he married her b/c he loves her dumb bitch black people really freakin hate themselves...

  6. The divorce between those guys is planned since long ago. So it wouldn't be surprised that this carries out as soon as the media knows.


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