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PICS!! Kanye West parties and gets intimate with WHITE GIRLS!!!

LMAO!!! Check out Kanye West have some ole fashioned fun with a bunch of white girls. This is what he left Alexis for? On another note, yesterday in blog world, the word on the street is that Alexis is dating 50 with Kanye being so arrogant, he probably released these images to just to show us that he is totally over Alexis and that 50 can have his left overs....ya'll know how Kanye West thinks. He always wants to have the last word.

Anyway he is a single, grieving man so let him have his fun!!! Alexis was a plain jane, anyway.



  1. Could he have found some better looking caucassians?

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    i hate kanye old backwards head having azz. he has nothin better to do. I can see him on Behind the Music in 10 years talking about the money he used to have. smh

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Damn, did he meet these thangs in Amsterdam somewhere? Rough looking trailer park tricks.

  4. indeed anonymous rough lookinh chicks

    credit repair

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    there not even cute. like creditsavvy said just rough lookin. why do black men what white girls anyways??????? they look better with hispanics. and there not going too stick around.

  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    i think kanye likes white women

  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    haha so what if they white, aint nothing wrong with them. every nigga likes white girls, were dogs we like any girl. if you stopped moaning about "white girls" all the time maybe we wouldnt find you so annoying, you miserable miserable women


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