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GROSS!!! Usher is shoving his marriage down our throats

Well look at this fruity male. Is Usher showing us his ring to proove his masculinity or does he really love his wife? I have NEVER seen someone go to the extent that Usher goes just to explain their devotion to someone. It looks like Usher is trying to validate to us that he is in fact straight instead of the fruity that everyone assumes him to be. What do you think - and do you think he needed to wear the ring and show it on the July magazine cover of VIBE like that?

I feel violated.... just the thought of a fruity and a man/woman getting it on disgusts me.... moving on.


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    While you're doing all this hatin, how about you update your website more than just once or twice a month. Maybe then your "hating" would be more legit and you wouldn't be so far behind the times!!

  2. Do U, Baby. As for Usher; although I am not married; I believe in marriage and all that it stands for.

    But; there comes a time when U just got to stop tryna 'splain all the time. Wear the ring, BUT;Put the finger down.

  3. I have often wondered about that guy..... He sure does dress well.

  4. usher is married and marriage is a good thing. so what if he married someone we hadn't ever imagined for him? he's happy and doing the right thing

  5. Anonymous5:35 AM

    What's the name of that freakin ring?? hola back if you know @



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