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When will we see Ushers baby and Ushers album release date!!!!

Usher is set to release his muhfukkn' album 'Here I Stand' on May 27th. It was originally scheduled for a June release, the album has been pushed up in order to satisfy increasing global demand from all of his fans. The video for “Love In This Club” will make its worldwide debut on MTV April 7th. The song sits at #2 as the weeks greatest Airplay Gainer on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

I had the opportunity to speak with someone who knows Tamekas family and they said Ush-meka is waiting for the album release and waiting for Usher to be relevant again before they release pics of the baby.... She said it was Tamekas idea to wait to release pics of the baby AFTER Usher is back in the limelight.

Word on the street is that Tameka won't let her family take pics of him in fear of the family selling the pics to the press, and Tameka even CHECKS PURSES when people come over to see little Usher.... daym, thats drastic. Someone who is convicted of food stamp fraud WOULD go that far i'm sure. I also heard the lil boy is cute, so stop hating errbody!!!

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    they dhowed that child on the internet. the baby look like the mama


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