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T.I having a hard time getting those community service HOURS!!!

Word on the street is that T.I. is being rejected to speak at Atlanta based schools due to the negative lifestyle he lives. The schools feel that if T.I. came in to speak, it would send the message that you can buy lots of guns illegally, get caught, but only serve a year in prison - which is exactly what snitchin' azz T.I. is doing..... oops, did I call him a snitch?

Anywho - a source in T.I.'s camp told me that he has only managed to do 35 hours to date which is only a drop in the bucket to what hes expected to do. They want him to do 1000 hours, but venues keep turning him down.

I bet if he went to all the Boys and Girls clubs of America in the hoods, they would accept him with open arms, so he better look into that and stop trying to stalk these schools for those much needed hours!!


  1. Destinys Chile'2:04 AM

    thats because he is dumb for what he did. i dont feel sorry for him.

  2. Miss P8:05 PM

    Whateva...go listen to his latest CD and maybe learn a thing or 2 off his hating ass fuckers need to get your own paper, live your in your own damn shoes, and stop giving a fuck about what he is or not doing. His entire CD is aimed at ignorant fools like y'all!!!


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