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Tameka Usher and Chilli

Me and my file digging ass searching for old pics again!!!Look what I found. Its USHER, Tameka, and CHILLI all together as one during the days when Usher was dating Chilli!!! What the fuk!!! Think about it, my fellow gossip feens - Tameka was checkin for Usher while Chilli was dating him. Look at Tameka, leaning towards him n' shyt. I swear, that shady bitch was most likely the reason why Usher and Chilli broke up. Meka looks like a drag queen on this pic. She know she dead wrong for that. Lawd..... anyway, speaking of Usher - lets read the next post, shall we.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    u so right!i want chilli and usher to get back together!

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    chilli and usher will never get back together i bet she was the one who really messed up the relationship between them two.thats what the fuck she gets!

  3. Usher and chili were happy true love was there now comes miss meka insecure in herself desiring him he was something to be had now she's insecure about him loving her he is only happy about the child that came out of it and barely refers to her at all and you see in this pic he's so uncomfortable in soem of the new ones he is and when he was with just chili he was very happy . Usher go get your woman y'all love eachother y'all can make it work chili i feel you girl but you ove him it cant be denied love eachother and move forwad Much love and God bless!!!
    (p.s. meka there is someone out there 4 u girl just be happy with you first )

  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Wow Usher and Chilli make a better couple, meka is so eww

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    chilli's son looks like a fag


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