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Ready to YAWN? Tia Mowry got married.....

Blah...who cares about Tia Mowry getting married? For those of you who care, heres some of her wedding pics. Congrats, love is a beautiful thang, but this is one boring ass couple. Ya'll can stick the name of the groom in the comments since I didn't know his name. Lets move on, shall we?


  1. MsWhoKnows6:17 PM

    He's an actor named Cory Hardrict but I honestly can't think of a damn thing he played on.

  2. Ms.Chitown6:35 PM

    his lips looks like he breathes through a blunt!

  3. Anonymous1:28 AM

    awww how cute!

  4. jhon cena11:12 PM

    tia you are hot and sexy! so are you going to have any kids in the furture? I love sister sister that you play in. so youre so cute how is your husbend? does he want kids?


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