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Lil Wayne in Vibe Magazine - AGAIN!!!!!

Why does VIBE MAGAZINE continue to put this drug addict on their cover? A spy over there told me that due to the declining sales of magazines, the last Lil Wayne cover sold pretty big and they put his ugly azz back on the cover again hoping to achieve high sales again...... daym magazines are desperate for money and struggling not to shut DOWN due to the internet and blogs which can deliver gossip and information faster than their azzes!!! LOL

Anyway, heres what Lil Waynes' stankin azz had to say about his addiction to 'syrup' and those plastic cups he always holding:

Lil Wayne admits his addiction to “syrup” and suffering from withdrawal: “You will literally feel it going in, like Pepto-Bismol shows in the commercial….It pissed me off ‘cause I couldn’t get off it…I can take pain good…but that wasn’t pain I could take.”

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