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Gary Coleman on Divorce Court!!!!

LOL!!!! Gary Coleman will do anything for a few bucks. My sources told me that on May 1st and 2nd he will be on Divorce court with his soon to be ex-wife and they paying him a measely $20,000 to appear and air his dirty laundry about his trailer trash wife, Shannon. He will probably not use EBAY anytime soon with this newfound fourtune LOL!!!


On the show his wife says, "If Gary doesn't get his way, he throws a temper tantrum like a five-year-old does. He like, stomps the floor and yells, 'Meehhhh,' and starts throwing stuff around. He bashes his head in the wall, too." I bet thats strange and scary.... he's still a child in his head, he didn't deserve to get married. Damn virgin!

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    who would want his troll lookin g ass


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