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Kimora in St. Louis 3/18/08 - She doesn't look pregnant!!!

Here are some pics of Kimora "fat neck" Simmons in her hometown of St. Louis w/the mayor on yesterday getting the key to the city. Whoopee.... thats such an honor!
There has been rumors circulating of her being pregnant by her new boyfriend Djimon Honsou. When he was asked recently in an interview if the heffa was pregnant, his response was "no comment" so we will have to wait and see. I know in the beginning of my pregnancy - some days I looked pregnant and some days I didn't so we will see...... wit' her fat neck LOL. If her neck gets fatter by next month then she wont be able to deny it any longer!!!


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    kimora is the hottest asian honey any brotha could want id have 10 babies with her fine ass

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    that kimora and her fat asian pork neck and asian pork belly is sooooo adorable !


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