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Kim Kardashian signing up for insurance fraud!!!

I heard Kim Kardashian is in line to sign up for some good ole' insurance fraud!!! She knowz its not real so why sign up!! Wanna know what I'm talkin about? Get the full story and details at


  1. See more vids of this Chick at

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    kim got a fat ass dnt hate b/c she built up... I hv a friend from turkey and she built up the same dam way. blk women arent the only ones with big asses

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    white women suck

  4. race doesnt matter when it comes to a nasty lookin butt. Big is ok if you control it, her's looks weird to me...we'll see if everyone is droolin as she gets's a fact that untamed big butts look horrible as one gets older, i mean melyssa ford has a huge butt but its a tamed ass, probably wont look bad as she ages...

  5. Anonymous7:32 PM

    big booty kim lol

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

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