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Erykah Badu covers ESSENCE Magazine!!!

Here is the fabulous Erykah Badu on the Essence magazine cover looking great to have all those kids!!! Did ya'll know that she and Janet Jackson released their album on the same day, and Erykah didn't have any promotion what-so-ever but still sold only a few less than the over-promoted Janet Jackson. Janet was on good morning america, all the late shows, BET, MTV, all over the internet, magazines, and I know I am forgetting a few places but Erykah just released a video and a release date... Poor Janet, she needs to sit down somewhere and start enjoying her retirement thats coming VERRRRYYYY SOONNNNN!! By the way, Erykahs' album is hott, you should go and get it!!!

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  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Cool! See this... Erykah Badu video


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