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PETA insults and writes a letter about Aretha Franklin!!!!

Look at what PETA had to say about the Queen of fried chicken, I mean...Queen of Soul:

Music lovers may think of you as a “queen,” but to animal lovers, you are a court jester. I’m sorry, Aretha, but your furs make you look like a clown. If you were even a fraction as sensitive to the cruelty you promote through your wardrobe as you are to a blow to your ego, you would know that what I am saying rings true. Why not shed the old-fashioned look that adds pounds to your frame and detracts from your beautiful voice? Won’t you donate your furs to the poor as “queen of compassion,” Mariah Carey, did? You’ll get a tax credit for the donation, and we at PETA will all sing your praises

That was pretty damn harsh!!! LOL.


  1. Caryn2810:29 AM

    damn they didn't have to go there! That was a little bit too much

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Hahaha! They told her!!

  3. Anonymous3:21 AM

    DAyumm DAT$ FuCKEd UP!!
    (puts hand over mouth & giggles)

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I'm waiting on some PETA Biyach to throw some paint on my Fur Jacket. Trust Me, You cannot out run a Bullet.. If you don't wear fur,good.. don't wear it. But you cannot tell anyone else what to wear.


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