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Eve the Beggar!!!

And here is ex-rapper Eve in the Stuart Weitzman Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite yesterday picking up some pretty little things FOR FREE!!!! Shes so washed out, I wish she would just give up and stop coming in the spotlight! We aren't interested in her anymore!!! Does she still have a fanbase?? LOL - let me stop!


  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    this message is to the blogger. cunt, if she's so fucking washed out why the fuck do you continue to post stories about her? you just keep contradicting yourself. you keep hating on the EVE but yet you keep posting blogs about her. get a life, dummie.

  2. Anonymous, this is just entertainment you dont have to take it so seriously, and oh yeah bye the way this blog is called celebhaterz!!! LMAO :>)

  3. Anonymous12:49 AM

    and why is her outfit not matching? she looks horrible!

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    what is she begging for i thought she had her on thing going


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