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Texas Local Rapper shoots himself in the HEAD!!!!


Local Houston rapper, Michael Francis, died Friday afternoon (Jan. 4) in the recording studio he co-owned, after suffering an accidental gunshot wound to the head. Ain't that a B!TCH!!!
According to the Houston Chronicle, police discovered the 32-year-old rapper dead from an accidental gunshot to the head Friday at 4 p.m., after responding to reports of a shooting at Fam Tide Records. Oh yea, he shot himself, he had gunpowder on his clothes and hands so dont think this is a conspiracy!!!

While investigators continue to interview friends and co-workers of Francis, who rapped under the name Arcani Crosswords, information collected thus far indicate he accidentally shot himself while playing with the gun, Sgt. Robert Blain of HPD's homicide division said.
"He was just messing around is what we're being told," Blain said.
"We don't know exactly what happened, but we understand he had the gun in his hand and somehow it just went off," Francis' 25-year-old brother Mark said.

This is a tragedy, I swear! OK folks, for those of you who can't resist owning a gun, here is a word of advice. NEVER put your finger on the trigger and keep the gun on safety when you are in the mood to "play" with your gun.

What a shame, a life cut short due to guns. SMH

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