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QUOTE!! Janet snaps on Jermaine Dupri in PRESTIGE Magazine!!!

"...if there is something that we both feel differently about, it just should really be talked about and that’s the way we’ve always done it. Except this time around I see Usher and Mariah [Carey] coming out of the studio and I say, “Okay, wait, aren’t you supposed to be working on my stuff? We’re supposed to be doing our stuff together.” And he goes, “Well yeah,” and I’m like, “Why are they here, don’t I come before them when it’s time for the album to be released?” Not because I’m his girlfriend [laughs], but for the release of the album. Mine has to be released first, so doesn’t it make sense to get me out of the way first? But it’s all good."

HAAAAAAA!!!! Who ever thought Janet could snap like that, and why would she want him to work on her album after the last one done soooo bad after he worked on it. Whatever, Janet..but we love your GHETTO coming out by saying "but its all good" LOL, I love it!!!


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    janet has been through a lot lately and i see her as a pillow of strength for her family and she and her brother was very close they made that video a while ago called scream and they put 7 mill in the making of that video its said to be one of the most expensive videos ever made and i trust that the family all pull together through this hard time in their lives.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    i have read that the whole family was after michaels money and thats a lie janet has sold over 100mill albums at last update on her bio, but on the billboard charts they have her at 130mill and thats up there and she can get the same dance steps that her brother could get he was a talent to be honored their whole family has musical talent, naturally.

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    it amazes me to think that janet has a album named janet and she did not want no help from her brothers and she did not want the jackson name to be on the album so that no one could say that shes a jackson and that has to sell and the album went platium 6 times and sold over 20 mill copies amazing, and shes working on another movie with tyler perry.

  4. how could she record after Mariahs dillusional vibe in the studio?


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