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Pharrell Williams does Glamour Magazine!!!!

Here is Pharrell Williams in the February edition of "Glamour" magazine. Pharrell Williams pose alongside his N.E.R.D band member, Shay Haley.

Of course he had to promote his clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club by wearing the threads in this photo shoot. Go get you sum... I won't be buying any.

ANYWAY! Have you ever wondered what N.E.R.D stands for? Well, wonder no more. Celebhaterz has found out that it means NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES. Wow, I was kept in suspense for all of these years for that lame azz meaning. Whatever, enjoy


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    hmmmmm seems like he loves white women i wouldn't be surpised if he has a bi-racial child Lol

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    why is his ass always have white gurls on his cover i never see him with any asains or blacks on his cover or pictures and it's a shame

  3. lol its No One Ever Really Dies
    because everyone has energy within them and according to science energy cannot be destroyed only altered therefore when you die that energy doesnt die thus no one ever really dies

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    How dumb are you folks.

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Your blog is a waste of time. ^ Anonymous dude was right too, you folks are dumb as hell. lol.


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