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Obama wins S. Carolina!!!!

Senator Barack Obama won 55% of the votes in South Carolina and he got practically all of the youth (black and white) to vote for him. Stars came out to support him, and heres Usher with his beard and no record dropping anytime soon! Kerry Washington also came out, shes fab! Get out there and vote!!! If you need to register, get on top of that!! November 4th is voting day!!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Of course he won he had ALL THE DUMB CELEBS behind him! LIKE THEY KNOW SHIT ABOUT POLITICS I bet Usher doenst even know the names of all the states! and we know that CELEBZ have more impact than politicians!!! SO FAR HE HASNT DONE SHIT BUT GIVE OUT A BUNCH OF MONEY TO PPL WHO ALREADY HAD TOO MUCH TO BEGIN WITH!!!!
    HE better put his money where his mouth is soon!!!! said he will end the war in Iraq in first 6 months .....I rest my case. Hes just another lying politician , same shit ,dif color!!! I hope he prove me wrong!


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