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Katt Williams has Pisssed off Chicago!!!!

So, Katt Williams debuted his new comedy material to a sold-out crowd at the Aire Crown Theater in Chicago. Unfortunately, the crowd was highly disappointed by his performance because it sucked so bad! He showed up an hour and a half late, then he got on stage acting high as hell and slurring his words. Someone in the crowd yelled they wanted their money back and Katt Williams yelled back that they could have their money back. Well..... nobody got a refund. He even shortened his performance and even ANSWERED HIS CELL PHONE ON THE STAGE AND HAD A FULL CONVERSATION!!!!! Fans said they didn't know what was up with Katt, but we sure do hope he gets it together!!!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    i thought he had a good show in chicago! and if he did fuck up thats not right. he should be used to performing by now!


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