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Jaslene from ANTM is hungry - GIVE HER A BURGER!!!

OMG, look at how skinny Jaslene is - and that look on her face says "I look good"..... LOL, shes soooooooo small. This does NOT look good. Its no mystery why this bitch can't get a job... no modeling agencies are checking for annorexic chics anymore. I thought Tyra Banks put out the memo... Poor Jaslene


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    yep she does need a buger i hope that dum ass chick is not starving herself too look beautiful b/c it's not working, she looks like bones or somebody on crack. she needs too really eat, its inportant.

  2. Her asscrack is showing, I'm sorry, but it's just like EWWW and disturbing. She doesn't need just a burger ,man, she needs a friggin Big Mac, XXXXXL fries, and a super-super-superwized shake. She needs to quit trying to model and start working on her diet...


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