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Is Mariah Carey a Lesbian?

Here is Mariah promoting the Gay Rainbow!
Here is Mariah on vacation in the Caribbean TOPLESS and Da Brat was rumored to be there with her.
AWWWW, look at the love birds. Cute couple!!
Here is Da Brat and Mariah coming back from vacation in Colorado arriving in NYC.

Remember that album Mariah Carey did a few years ago with that rainbow in the background? Well, you know thats the gay pride symbol and Da Brat jumped ALLLLL over that!!! My sources tell me that the two have been secretly dating for the past 4 years off and on. My sources also tell me that Mariah is EXTREMELY careful to not be seen with Da Brat on too many occasions and they usually depart and arrive in seperate vehicles and such. MY MY MY!!! Its no wonder we never see Mariah exclusively dating anyone. Mariah is a probably a lesbian!!! Whatever floats her boat, I still like her as an artist.....but she can do better than Da Brat!?!?



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  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    c'mon a rainbow is a rainbow...they all look the same. its what the albums called, what else did u expect her to have?

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Mariah's get married a few months back, so we all know that she is not lesbian in fact I had heard that she loved to have sex a lot and she is always visiting
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