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Heath Ledger Died today

A 28 yr old actor by the name of Heath Ledger kicked rocks today. He died in his NYC apartment and stuff. He had a 3pm appointment to get a massage, and thank GOD the massage dude was so insistent on getting the money for that massage job that he went and got some chic who works in the building to get the key and open the door! They found him lying there gargling and still alive, so they called the paramedics. He had a bottle of AMBIEN beside him, and rumors are circulating that he also had cocaine lines on his nightstand. The paramedics tried to bring him back to life....the poor guy died on the scene in his apartment. He left behind a daughter. What a shame. Anyway, Mary Kate Olsen lives in that building..... I hope this hits close to home for her. Shes also addicted to stuff.... RIP Heath!

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  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    could of at least posted a nice picture of him, this one is fucking horrible WTF were you thinking?


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