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Halle Begs Gabriel to come to L.A!!!!

Halle is trying to hold hands and run to keep up with Grouchy Gabriel
Run, Halle RUN!!! Keep up with your Grouchy Gabe!

Heres a shot of Gabriel and Halle in the public eye together. Sources close to Halle said that she was on the phone with him begging him to come and atleast be with her in L.A. Our sources say that Halles is aware that the internet is buzzing about their non-existent relationship! My trusty source whom chooses to remain nameless exclusively interviewed with me and said:

"Halle has been an emotional wreck since Gabriel moved to New York, shes been calling him relentlessly and crying on the phone, it must be her pregnancy hormones. She (Halle) even hates to step outside and run errands because she knows its just another chance for the paparazzi to catch her without Gabriel. She finally got him to come to L.A. to do a photo-op with her just so the blogs can stop buzzing about their secret break-up"

OOOHHHH Child, it looks like this is going to get GOOOODDDD towards the end of her pregnancy! Developing.....

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