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Tyra Banks gets plastic surgery and may adopt a child!!!!?

*BONUS*Whoo child, check out that spectacular nose job, good work, huh?!?!\

Tyra Banks has realized that she will never find love, and shes also realized that her beloved eggs have dust all over them and are unable of producing children. Theres probably a blockage of dust and allergens in her fallopian tubes. Now that shes over that depressing hump of reality of never pushing out a bundle of joy, Tyra Banks has decided to adopt a child, she was quoted saying this:
"I've wanted to adopt since I was nine. I have a connection with children and they don't have to come from my (dry ass) womb for me to have that connection."
Oh Tyra, shame on you.... Using children to have a life!!!! You will never get a man, now. Shut up...!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM


  2. Anonymous12:24 AM

    get glasses doof

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    ofcourse there is a significant differencein her nose shape!!! It is clearly narrower in the left picture! look at the tip of the nose, the right one is more rounded!

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Tyra Banks gave out to an asian girl on her show because this asian girl had got surgery to get more occidental eyes. Tyra went on and on about how you need to embrace your race and characteristic features and ,of course, she made herself the perfect example of making the best out of her black hair, skin, bla bla bla.... but she must have forgotten that super nose job she got. She is SOOOOO hypocritical it is choking!!! Id love to hear what she has to say about this. Love, Moi!


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