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SPOILER!!!! I AM LEGEND SUCKS. How is it a box office HIT?

This movie sucked big balls!!! I dont understand how it made 75 million this weekend. I am sure thats all it will make after everybody goes and gives the bad news of how bad it sucked!! I watched it for free at by clicking on the movie section.

Anyway its about a dumb azz man (will smith) who fights for survival from a deadly virus that killed the whole world (i guess it killed me and you without our permission..we should sue!). Its based in New York city and he survives along with his dog whom we thought was a boy by the name of Sam through the whole fukin' movie and 10 minutes before the dog dies, we find out its a girl named Samantha....ooh, good work on the plot muthafukkaz..we loved the twist!!
Then, a lady and her son appears to have avoided the virus and they pop up at his house and ate his bacon he was saving as he slept.....he snaps at her for eating the bacon, he goes upstairs...gains composure and then finds out that a bunch of the virus infected humans left on the planet followed them to the house and they came in to eat them up, well....Will Smith kills himself to save the lady and her son after he fought for survival for over 1000 days...

Just go to the website and watch the shyt for free, its a sucky movie!!!


  1. woohoo7:27 PM

    LMAO at the dog's comment.

    This movie sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Who ever said that this movie sucked must be the gayest mother fucker on the face of the earth. So who every wrote this needs to pull their head out of their ass and grow a pair.

  3. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Yea the movie was pretty bad. It shouldnt have even been called I Am Legend. Mainly due to the fact that it in no way even slightly resembled the book.

    First; in the book they are vampires, and typical vampires at that (crosses, garlic, sunlight, fangs, etc.). Then his wife and kid don't die in a chopper accident, they turn into vampires and he kills them. He finds a dog later in the book and its pretty much dead when he gets it.

    Also hes a raging alcoholic and contemplates raping the vampires half the time. He doesnt have a fancy lab, he only has a microscope. He meets a girl who is a vampire spy and she attacks him and runs off.

    There are living vampires and the walking dead vampires. The girl was a living one and there is a society of them that want to reclaim the world. At the end they want to execute him and have him in their custody where he poisons himself.

    I Am Legend means nothing of what it was in the movie. It means he is a legend by being the last real human and is now a minority.

  4. that was a good movie, not great, but good.

  5. It enthralled me the first time, I can't believe how boring it is on repeat.

  6. Anonymous11:02 AM

    que? youo seeo ito iso ao derpyo reviewo, srry i speak worse english


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