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RUMOR!!! Scott Storch is BROKE!!!!

we ain't worth much so we are great together

Via PageSix, Scott Storch apparently got his credit card(s) denied at a miami night club repeatedly and he is broke. My source told me he had to send a friend to his cousin house in miami to get some cash to pay off his tab at the bar!!!!!! Its said that last year Scott was worth 70 million dollars and now he is worth only 17 million....whoa, thats a BIG plunge!!!! Another one of my sources told me that this is only a rumor and that Scott is doing fine financially so I am not sure which one to believe because they are both TRUSTY sources.... we will see!!



  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    You wish Scott Storch was "Broke". I bet you'll suck the white off his cock for 5 dollars. You fat fuck pieice of shit.

  2. Aleshia Jayne10:27 AM

    anonymous, why do u keep reading this crap if u hate the comments? Don't deny, u love this stuff. U also have a sick mind, no one wants to hear what u do in ur freetime with broke-scott. R u his boyfriend? He is gay you know, besides the fact that he thinks he's black, he's just trailer park trash just like every other white guy that thinks he's black. LOL! Well don't bother responding, darling I won't read it! Ta ta! :)

  3. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Yall just fucking hating....da fuckfaces that writes rude shit like that is bitches who r just hating cuz Yall ignorant asses don't have fame. Soo shut tha fuck up nd grow up u..


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