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PICS!!! Jay-Z opens the 40/40 club in Vegas!!!!

Well, of course bubble lips showed up!
Um...where is Jay-Z's left hand? Hiding the tattoo?
Alan and Robin Thicke

Beyonces legs
Beyonce needs a coat check!!!
Joe Jackson going to get some pimp juice LOL
Vanessa Simmons with too much eye make-up
Who did Solanges' nails?

Beanie, Al Sharpton, and Memphis Bleek throw up that sign that means nothing
HAAA check out Al Sharpton
Gary Payton and his wife

Mary and Neyo lookin Fab. Mary needs to ditch that Beatles Wig!

1 comment:

  1. haha. your amazing !!
    you had me dyingg reading this..
    but your dead on with all of the captions =]

    btw check out my blog and dont forget to follow


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