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LOOK!!! Hidden Talent Resurfaces!!!!!!!!

WOW, Danity Kane are still together?
Cassie and the colored contacts with Shiddy(Diddy)
and some random gay dude

Making the Band 4 in their sunday best

Diddy invited the Making the Band 3 & 4 winners out to his party lastnight at Club Mansion located in Miami. All of his non-advertised acts came out to have a good time and get some camera action since Diddy keeps them in the background and out the limelight. I wonder what the hell is in their contracts to keep them from being seen as much as possible.

Cassie came out with her colored contacts, she needs a nose job really bad! Danity Kane came out, and "Making the Band 4" guys came out as well in their best outfits obviously (oh really). Enjoy the pics!


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM


  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    the boy band sucks!!!!! and it's only 2 cute dudes in that band. the rest of them needs too stay off the camera Lol


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