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Kim Kardashian without make-up!!!! Also, whats wrong with her ass?

Saggy azz!
Who is this loser shes with?
Click this pic to get a look at the saggy ass implants!
No make-up. What an average lookin' ho!

Kim Kardashian was seen strolling around L.A. this week with an unknown loser. Shes not wearing any make up or fake eyelashes, excessive mascara, eyeshadow, or foundation!!! But thats not the worst part, take a look at her sagging ass cheeks. It looks as if the implant is about to fall out!!!! Poor Kim. If this isn't proof that Kim Kardashian has fake butt implants, I don't know what is!


  1. Anonymous5:32 AM

    This is not Kim.... It is Kourtney her sister with her boyfriend Scott.

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      No, it's not. That is Kim most definitely.

  2. Anonymous1:18 AM

    This is Kim actually, she's with her sisters boyfriend, casually. She has a plump a** what? She's gorgeous and guys think she's the hottest thing ever. Furthermore most girl on their BEST day wished they looked like her with no makeup. I can't believe their are websites devoted to making celebs feel like crap as if the scrutiny isn't daunting enough. Get a life!

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous,even with out make up she's hotttt. I'm a girl and I am not gay and I can say this... Kim you go girl... You are absolutely the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth!! Love ya from TRINIDAD and TOBAGO

  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Ok... sure shes pretty, although most guys wouldn't say 'OMG SO HOT' cumming all over the place as they do with her mask on the media. Yet, if this were some average girl who wasn't famous and who u havn't seen before with makeup, 9/10 they'd say "eh, shes ok".

    So first off, get rid of your biases. 2ndly, the only reason people make websites and things to bash on celebs:

    1. the celebs pretty much ask for it. most of the time they allow the media into info in their personal life etc, purely to entertain us. so if this isnt on the same level as saying a movie is bad and why, then i dunno since their lives (especially hers) r pretty much given out for public criticism

    2. some people have no lives and make their life to judge and worry about someone elses

    3. some people have nothing to do and make it their life to comment and judge those who worry about someone elses

    either way, i dont care. but i personally think shes a whore and a slut with a fake 'sweet-girl' vocal attitude. i bet that every sensible guy and girl wouldn't dare enjoy the fact of their daughter(s) going around showing their 'beauty' in the way she promotes. If you can't somewhat be a role model to someone else in a positive way, then 9/10 you're doing something wrong to society. It's just Kim Kardashian contributes absolutely nothing to it but a pretty face craving for attention

  5. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Kim's hott! Stop hating

  6. Anonymous3:15 AM

    But why is her ASS like that? Yeah shes still pretty but that shit looks FAKE! Check out her BONGO pics. Her ass doesnt look Big there! hahahaa..........

    ......fuck all yall:)

  7. that woman has a great asssssss and they arent implants

  8. Anonymous9:32 PM

    kim is a major slut and her ass did look saggy and her boobs get that shit fixed you have enough money

  9. - lmaoo pshh that bitch ass fake as hell ; she take sum pillows in her ass im not dumb , yall seen that sex tape w. her & ray ; did her ass look fat there hell no , lmaoo soo sad this bitch want a sister booty that badd, bitch get over your self even if that was really your ass you still dont know how to work it ; you cant even fuck right ray-j was doing all the work .

  10. Anonymous12:41 AM

    i dig that ass no homo

  11. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Kim looks real good ---not!!!!! She look like she just left the Playboy mansion and they threw out the trash (Kim)--she has implants---there is nothing natural about her HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Are you joking !

    Firstly, all you people who think she is trying to have a "sister" ass, for your information African Americans are not the only women who have big asses, as European descent we also have a bigger ass than usual sometimes.

    So get over yourself because it's not even kool make other people feel bad!

    All I can say is karma ...

  13. Anonymous8:20 PM

    she looks just as good as she does with or without makeup on. Stop being so jealous. You don't have to be black to have a "sista" ass grow up. The only reason why someone would make such mean comments about another person is because they are jealous of them.

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