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Kerry Washington Spotted looking like A...!!

Kerry Washington was seen at the 7th annual Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards looking like a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!! This dress looks like a drag queens wardrobe for their flamboyant shows they love to do!!!! Nonetheless, she thinks shes fab, so let her think that LOL

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    she looked fab what are you talking about, looks like a certain somebody needs more fashion schooling, and you were right about Ashanti's sisters she does have thick thighs, but a black bra? naw she should be wearing a flesh colored bra, cause thats the color of the dress, and she shouldn't be wearing that dress period or at least without leggings, get it right get it tite, maybe you'll be famous like Parez, that lame punk bastard, Peace, Love, and Fish Grease, Mello.


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