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Karrine SUPERHEAD Steffans has bad news for her son!!!!!

Karrine Steffans was in November/December 2007 issue of Todays Black Woman magazine talkin' foolish. Look at what she will tell her son about her disgusting past and present!!!!
"When he ask, I'll answer honestly; that is the only way to handle it. If he asks,
'Mom--what happened to my dad?'
[My answer?: 'Your father left you.']
'Mom, how did you get to where you are?'
[My answer?: 'Your mother had to strip and ho and do whatever she had to do to get you into this house. Then she went broke, and then she made an honest living.']
Celebhaterz is shocked that this girl would say such things to her child! Wait until he gets a hold of a search engine and his little fingers get internet savvy, she wont need to tell him a daym thang! I am disgusted, somebody get me a trash can so I can vomit!!!

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