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Is Jay-Z the next Donald Trump??

Jay-Z recently paid $66 million for a chunk of land in Manhattan's upmarket Chelsea through his company, J Hotels, and top secret planning is now underway for the project. Jay-Z's partner Scott Shnay says, "It's a great piece of land in a great neighborhood."

Looks like Jay-Z is moving away from the typical shyt that musicians usually target when they get rich..ya'll know everybody to make millions in music usually does a clothing line, perfume, or endorse somebodys liquor LOL. Jay-Z decided to step it up a notch and dip his greedy fingers in real estate. I wonder if Jay-Z is aware of the mortgage interest rates skyrocketing and how bad the real estate market is doing. Donald Trump lost over 2 million this year in real estate projects going sour due to the market crashing. Even Nicky Hilton tried to succeed at starting a chain of hotels in Florida and it shut down within 1 year!!!

Good Luck, Jay-Z on your Donald Trump ventures..... We can't wait to see what the secret is. Maybe its going to be a studio LOL

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