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EXPLOSIVE RUMOR! The Dream and Nivea divorce!!!!

Check out The Dream all hugged up on this hoe-and that AIN'T Nivea....what a shame!
above photo:

That hoe stole my husband

Looks like The Dream has become a nightmare for Nivea. He is leaving his wife, Nivea and daughter for model, Kris Jacobs, the slut that is in his new video, "Falsetto". The divorce isn't underway yet, but The Dream will file next week. Lawd.... why can't any industry relationships last.... I think The Dream got a taste of success and decided to leave behind the ones who supported him when he was nothing!

The Dream has produced successful projects with Britney Spears and Madonna, he also worked with Rihanna (Umbrella), J. Holiday (Bed) and Mary J Blige. Nivea is still in his #1 space on his myspace page, but from the look of this picture, he is currently loving someone else!


  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    apparently she left her boyfriend of 4 years for the Dream and is keeping her old man on stand by in case things don't work out with her and her falsetto man.

  2. nathalie12:14 PM

    that is ashame nivea looks prettier than her dream is stupid to do that but i think that tha the gurl he is with right now is a boy probably had a transplant damn he stupid to do that

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    yea i think so to. because if you look at that picture real good it seems like he's holding him real close to hide his adam's apple. look at that picture good that so-called-chick got an adam's apple.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    She was still fucking with wayne dirty hoe I hate black bitches man...


    I think nivea needs to just whip her eyes and stop cryin and what she needs to learn is this industry boys doesnt really want her what is this the second artist that left her she shoulda realized something after her and MY BOO (FUCK THAT NEW BABY MAMA SARA)Wayne didnt work out maybe she shuld just start over and bring tha bacon in the home herself and stop trying to mooch ff these industry niggaz!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Anonymous7:28 PM

    pay back is a B!

  7. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Kris Jacobs is beautiful. :-D

  8. Wow I didn't know that Kris Jacobs was dating The Dream I AM SHOCKED...didn't she just have twins! I heard that she's out in the streets drinking and partying and on the run from her babies father. I did not know that she was dating "high profiled" celebrities!! She's so trashy...I feel so bad for those babies n their father. She needs some serious help!

  9. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Lol to the person who mentioned her twIns father... Do u know them personally? I'm from her twins fathers hometown (Danbury ct). I've always wondered if they were still together. Because he's too good looking for her IMO. If he weren't such good friends with my brother it would've been a wrap! ;)


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