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Eve is BROKE but she shops anyway!!!

Um, wheres the price tag?
WHOO HOO! The discount rack!
I only spent $20

Ex-Rapper/Actress, Eve (yea I said it) was seen shopping at Diab'less in West Hollywood. This Eve chic is walking on a tight rope these days and strapped for cash! Check out the sleeves on her blue sweater, the sweater is aware of her future financial crisis so it tries to hide her hands so that she wont dig in her purse and spend money she doesn't have. Good job, sweater!!

Eve, please be wise and STOP shopping until you score another sitcom because lawd knows your raps are entirely too wack to even consider dropping another FLOP, oops... I meant, ALBUM.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    eve kinda sucks as a rapper. she was hot when she was with the lox tho


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