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The Dogs have Spoken!!!! Mike Vick gets 2 years!!!

Oh yea folks, Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in prison for dog fighting. Da judge told Michael Vick "You need to apologize to the millions of young people who looked up to you." Michael Vick still hasn't received his sentencing for the state of Virginia. Now keep in mind; Virginia is a commonwealth state and they gonna STICK IT to him REALLLLL Good.... poor Vick LOL!!!

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  1. Mike Vick should be shot,you see what he did to those dogs? Having the female tied in a rape stand to breed,getting her teeth pulled out so she couldn't harm the pups otherwise she would have killed them prob she was a fighting dog cas of him&if she killed the pups no selling them&dog champion fighters their pups go for high money,also obviously needed a rape stand,like a female fighter is gonna let a male Pitt screw her,she would have torn him up. You should have seen all the scars on da dogs,can't believe some of them were actually still nice&of course others were too fucked up in the head&had to get put down,thanks Mike Vick for making me remember why I don't care for many pple. Hope his ass is broke so he digs a hole&crawls in it&dies then his dogs that had to get put down can rip him a new asshole in the afterlife,fuck Vick. Sorry just came across this&anything with him annoys me.


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