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DETAILS!!! Young Joc carries gun on a plane then ditches court!!

27 yr old Jasiel Robinson a.k.a. Yung Joc didn't learn a damn thang from Rapper, T.I. Yung Joc was caught at security checkpoint boarding a plane in Cleveland on Sunday morning with a concealed weapon!!! He was on his way to see family and friends but the idiot went to jail instead. GET THIS... he said he didn't know the gun was in there!!!! They locked his azz up and he got out on 50,000 bail just in time for the holidays. Lucky Joc, right.


Yung Joc was scheduled for arraignment today on the carrying a concealed weapon charge. He was a no show. Yung Joc lawyer told the judge that he had pre existing family and business matters to attend to. The judge got pizzed off and issued a warrant for his arrest after doubling his bond to $100,000. The judge also considered him a major flight risk. He had a loaded semi-automatic and 20 rounds of ammunition, ya'll..... and most of the bullets were armor piercing. Yung Joc is facing local and federal charges per the piracy act. Dumb azz ni99as just dont learn!!

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  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    is he smoking crack he lost a lot of weight


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