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Pics! Does Beyonce wears butt pads?!!!!

At the very top of the dress, there is 2 round objects poking through the dress, I know for sure they are butt pads!!! She is exposed!!
Beyonce puts her thumbs at the very top of the Butt Pad to make it seem bigger and push in the fabric of the dress; making it seem like theres lots of ass back there. It really ISNT!!!! Go to this link to find out more:
I found some more to expose Beyonce as the fake that she is, she wears butt pads, she has a fake butt, she is so bogus!!!! If you look carefully, you will notice at the top of her booty, there is 2 pads that protrude and poke out of the dress..... since when has anyones azz did that through a dress, that is the clear indication that she is wearing butt pads. Poor Beyonce, it must be hard living up to the title of having jelly, but I dont see it??? Where is your jelly, Beyonce?


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    get a life

  2. lmao. I don't think you ready fo this jelly! I remember when that song came out and I was like "what the hell is she talking about." her booty was flat and wiiiide then but suddenly after that song it started to plump up. I thought is was injections, surely she can afford them, why wear the pads when you can just get the fat sucked from your stomach and squirted into your azzzz! Wahhaahaa!

  3. Anonymous4:13 AM

    lolololol to tha person who said get a 4 tha record tha round thin at the top wud be called definition!1 ne girl wit a nise round ass has definition ...of course u wudnt kno cuz ur jus a hater wit a more than likely flat ass...CHEERS

  4. OH puh-lease. Beyonce doesn't wear no butt pads. First of All if you see Beyonce in a Bathing suit then you would know she had a butt. Secondly in this pic she has on these underwear thingy's that help it so her butt stays tight and don't be jiggling all ova the place. Geez get a life.

  5. Tania2:52 PM

    Get a life. This is stupid. If she wears them, then that is her fakeness. What does that have to do with you?

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    THANK YOU!!! She is the fakest celeb! She's so stand-offish and tries to make herself look like she's on point. Sit yo ass down B. And to ppl who keep talking about haters, it's not hating it a matter of OPINION. in MY f*cking OPINION Beyonce is fake as hell.

    Damn, I miss Aaliyah!! :(

  7. SHE WEAR BUTT PADS, FACE REALITY!!! At most, Beyonce has wide hips and big thighs but her butt is nothing of praise! She has back-fat the mounts above the crack of the butt, but it's along back fat taht leads into the butt. It's an UGLY butt! Most times, she's busy putting in butt pads--> CLICK HERE TO SEE
    If you check that link, you can see the 'progression' of her butt through stages. You can't go from a PIG TAIL to a COMPLETELY ROUND APPLE BOTTOM without trickery! It's impossible. Come through to and check for yourselves.

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    To dumbass above me. First off she lost wait in some of those pics for her movie then she gained it back. And that was from when she was younger anyway and she still had a butt right there. That picture of the so called "butt pads" on her tour was to make her butt so it wouldn't be all over the place.
    Plus different outfits make your butt different sizes.

    She don't wear no got damn butt pads. Clearly. She has a butt. I know its too hard to believe but she does. She's a black women and it is normal for us to have big butts. Y'all dumb as shit.

    I'm not even a fan of hers but y'all need to stop hatin on the girl because she is obviously doin her thang in the game.

  9. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Fake!!!! She always have worn them. Beyonce is WIDE!! That is it. J.LO is curvy. BOOTY!!!

  10. Anonymous9:54 PM

    yes they r rite her butt is F.A.K.E if u dont believe me go to

    n apparently yall dont have life either if u spend your time lookin up blogs about beyonce's butt

  11. nah she doesn't wear butt pads but she has had enhancements. probably fat injections because it looks more natural than implants like coco or kim k has. ok here is a pic from when she first came out and her butt was pretty flat.
    she has had lipo on her stomach which you could tell when she first got it done because it was still lumpy, but now its healed and looks great. i ain't mad at bey,she got it going on whether she paid for it or not, she has one of the best bods in the industry and she doesn't look fake. im trying to get like her.

  12. Anonymous5:13 PM

    to all u ppl hatin nd to daperson who said its a matter of pinion kiss my ass u ever heard of keeping it to urself and besides do u hav booty u jus hatin cuz she look better than u she not into dis business to please u so GET A DAMN LIFE!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous7:19 PM

    they need to stop hatin on beyonce her ass is natural. a little something done to her boobs. when she was younger,her boobs was the size of a damn doorknob now they are the size of a apple. SO STOP FREAKIN HATIN ON HER.

  14. ...::♥Crystal♥::...4:08 AM

    So what if it is fake butt pads. Whats it to you? R u really going to hold that against her? Shame ppl shes got her own life just like you SHOULD! And btw. r u telling me that u've never stuffed ur bra with tissues to get more of an volumised look....jkz lol=]

  15. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Go Puertorrican Ass!!!!

  16. Anonymous3:02 PM

    If ya'll go back to the original group and their second video when she had the tight black pants on she didn;t have any bootie it was flat as the wall, but that's ok if u aint got it buy it is my moto and girls ya'll need to stop all this back and forth ya'll don't even know her shse really doesn't care aboy ya'll so what's all th argueing about she is not perfect or the savour PLEASE it is what it is

  17. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Black women have ample derriers. What else is new? I am 32 years of age. My behind is bigger than it was in my twenties..May I also I breast size has increased. It's called age...HONEY! Butt pads? LMAO! The women on this site clearly have to be under the age of 18. We'll see how all of your behinds look in the next 10 years or so...I would love for someone to compare you 'past' and 'present' pics and then accuse you of butt injections!

  18. Anonymous1:20 PM

    lol to the people that are saying she dont wear butt pads its in front of your face how stupied could you get u can see she wearing butt no beyonce hater she is so beatyful but u can see she wears them when in a dress....... who the fuck wears butt pads in the beach beyonce is not that dumb to do that she dont want people to know she wearing them... and sooo what if she is wearing butt pads BIG DEAL


  19. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I accidentally stumbled upon this and I have to say...She definitely wears butt pads but why do so many people play her so close. Either people hate on her or fight for her like she's their sister. Beyonce isn't thinking about none of us so why are yall so engrossed in what she is doing? Whether you are the so-called "hater" or the Beyonce need to get a life.

  20. Anonymous3:11 AM

    This topic is very ridiculous, to start off with. Why are people literally worring about the size of another persons behind? I can think of ten things that are much more important going on in the world. Women have a thousand and one beauty secrets, so what. What women has not worn a push up bra or had nail extensions? How many women do you see every day wearing weaves? Women enhance themselves all the time and so do celebrities. In hollywood women are valued basicly by they way they look, thats the reason these women have to work at keeping a certain image. I really don't understand why a women having a big behind is a valid reason to put them on a pedastil. True beauty and femininity has noting to do with a behind.

  21. Anonymous4:43 PM

    ur a damn hater for takin out the time to look at her ass...and i bet her "buttpads" cost thousands so stop being a cyber hater...shes a multimillionaire doin multimillionaire things with her multimillionaire ass..

  22. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Beyonce is so wrong by having a fake butt.I really though that she was my favorite superstar,but shes not.Thanks alot beyonce.

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      She's not having a fake butt.Their all saying bullshit!

  23. Anonymous8:41 PM

    ok if shes caught wearing butt pads then she is. Accept it I mean I never heard jlo being accussed of this why becuz she is all real nor did I ever hear buffy the body accussed of this,trust me im no hater im a 20 year old with probably better measurements then her 34D 28 40 and puerto rican and mexican at that. Just because she is black has not much to do with that I know plenty black women with no booty at all. She might have been one of the so not blessed with that. And the reason many of us might take time to even write this is becuz we have no respect for FAKES shame shame

  24. Anonymous12:54 AM

    fuck that the anser is in the picture boy oh boy..

  25. Anonymous10:34 PM


  26. Anonymous3:28 AM


  27. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I think the point is that one thing people talk about is her butt, yeah I know she sings and is good at it but when she is on the red carpet people are saying man look at the voice. People are always talking about her butt like J-lo but her is real. If u go to youtube there are all kinds of videos one where she is wearing one of those bodysuit outfits she wears and u can see the butt pad. Yeah she isn't flat but her butt is no wear as big as she would like everyone to think. I mean when she was young it would still have been big but I mean u can tell my 5 yr old is gonna have a big butt. It would just all the sudden be huge like that.

  28. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Haitian heritage Beyonce is of an excellent beauty, yet undisputable.

  29. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Jlo and Bey both were ass pads. Bey has a square shape, flat ass with line backer shoulders as does her mama while Jlo has a muscular body, with extremly large hands and feet. If we r going to get on one get on the other. Besides its all entertainment and illusions.

  30. Anonymous12:27 PM

    i dont really think it's about the size off beyonces ass!truth is the be bitch is overated and has not gotten by on tru talent im so sick of all these tired ass beyonce fans accusing ppl of hating every time someone gives an opinion they dont agree with. stop kiss that funky bitch's ass she dosent give a fuck about u. ur just another album sell the bitch isnt entitled to because shes to busy stealing everybody elses music ideas so shut the fuck up and if u dont like it stop going on sites where u know beyonce is gonna b dissed u bitch-made bastards

  31. Anonymous1:03 PM


  32. Anonymous1:11 AM

    i read in a magazine that both Beyonce and J-Lo had their butt done by the same doctor.

  33. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Beyonce is naturally endowed. Haters, learn to live with that.

  34. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Oh STFU! Yall Got No FUCKING LIFE! Let Her Be Yall Mad Because She Actually Has An Ass!

  35. Anonymous11:33 PM

    That's funny I always wondered if her butt was fake or not. So sad

  36. Anonymous12:06 PM

    yes she is! and shes also an illuminati bitch!

  37. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Why do people hate so much on celebrities? Leave beyonce alone! Whatever she does is her business. Besides, she is in the music industry and appearance is very important. There is nothing wrong with enhancements. I'm pretty sure if half the people here could afford plastic surgery, they'll have something fixed or buy products to do better their appearance. Besides... I believe she is all natural. Look, I'm Latina and I naturally store fat in the buttocks. My rear was somewhat like beyonce' in her early days. Anyhow, I noticed that my rear was getting wide so I took my butt straight to the gym and guess what? WITHOUT SURGERY OR BUTTOCK ENHANCERS I got my buttocks to look bigger and shapelier. Why? Because I worked on the muscles underneath the natural fat I had stored. After I worked out, everyone gave me compliments and I had a lot of comparisons to beyonce and especially j-lo. My whole point is...I personally believe she had nothing done to her because I have her body type and was able to achieve wonderful results with just exercising. Stop hating on beyonce anyway. Inspite of her fame and beauty that makes her appears as if she's vain and one sees her behind the scenes when she's working her butt off and rehearsing for hours. She's a visionary and works hard to get what she wants. Therefore, she deserves respect and not hate. This is why beyonce has risen to where she is at today and even if lies and negative words are said towards her, that will never bring her down. Peace!

  38. Anonymous7:34 PM

    wether she wears pads or not doesnt really matter. the people who are on the haters might as well give it a rest. this is a hate site, so coming on here calling out the haters makes you look stupid. this is what the site is for. get over it. make a celeb lovers site if you're so passionate about it. damn

  39. Anonymous2:57 AM


  40. Anonymous8:48 PM

    dude your pig tails page is great

  41. Anonymous4:57 PM

    there are other pictures of her wearing the booty pad and it pops out she had no ass in crazy in love all them tv apearaor when she was on the red carpet it look like a girdle i knew she was hiding a gut and found out she had a miscarraige all her early performances she has a line across her stomache its the booty pad and she doesnt have a lick of originality in her bones click beyonce the biggest copycat 1.2.3 beyocne steals music beyonce and jayz fight over baby their baby name was coppied from a company the company says coincidence she copied the old ladies single ladies and im not a hater biis a fraud claiming shewas original and copying from people hard then take the credit when she get busted she calls it inspiration but she never gave alot of artist like mike and janet and new artist their props what a fraud and the music she steals from other artist

  42. Anonymous2:38 PM

    You have a really miserable live that you're going to waste you're money you're make this site.I know you're jealos because their famous but don't try and break them because their famous!
    Because of you kind of people some celeberties gets sluts and it's because of you kind people

  43. Anonymous4:44 PM

    OK EVERYONE...i work at the airport for Air France...& Beyonce & Jay-Z travel to Paris a lot with Air France on first class...& to tell u the truth, Beyonce really has a flat butt...she has round hips, but her butt is flat...

  44. That is... one big... booty!

  45. Anonymous12:25 PM

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  46. To good for nothing above me. Leading she lost hold up in some of those pics for her motion picture then she picked up it back. Also, that was from when she was more youthful at any rate despite everything she had a butt in that spot. That photo of the supposed "butt cushions" on her visit was to make her butt so it wouldn't be everywhere.

    In addition distinctive outfits and dresses make your butt diverse sizes.

    She don't wear no got damn butt cushions. Obviously. She has a butt. I know its too difficult to accept yet she does. She's a dark ladies and it is typical for us to have huge butts. Y'all stupid as poop.


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